My favorite sights in India

India is a constant offering of sights, some you would expect and others that perhaps you wouldn’t.  Here are my favorites.  It would be easy for me to list the obvious tourist items, so I haven’t.

  • Children playing cricket – normally on a dusty field, sometimes by the side of the road, often with the fielders playing in several games concurrently.
  • A road worker mixing concrete on the tarmac, the only flat surface he could find.
  • School children seated in neat rows under the shade of trees
  • A camel on the highway – following the road’s edge, whilst the driver sleeps on the carriage behind.  Cruise control!
  • Someone in the back of a rickshaw holding a full-sized house door.
  • Trucks with no cab or body – just a driver sticking out of the chassis.
  • Children waving
  • Women dancing -seated in the back of a tractor trailer, whilst we dance back from within our bus
  • Temples – big and small, everywhere
  • Cows – just wandering, but never mooing?
  • Women driving – I have seen only three women driving in India.
  • Fruit and vegetable stalls and markets – such a colourful and beautiful sight.

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