Chowpatty beach, Mumbai, India

Ticket in pocket, I take the long walk to Chowpatty beach. I wander through a hectic suburb, dodging endless traffic across broad roads. Passing more cricket matches, I arrive at Chowpatty, which I have watched on my slow approach.

I look for somewhere nice to sit for a cup of chai, but the pesky waiters piss me off, so I walk away. I grab a bottle of water and sit on the beach. For such a hectic city, and considering the filthy state of India (although Mumbai is much cleaner than most of India) the beach is a calming and picturesque place to stop. The sunset is popular with locals and visitors alike. An abundance of sellers offering chai, food and massages constantly come over. I take a cup of chai, and later some great samosa like snacks with a fierce chilly sauce.

I have left it a bit late to visit Gandhi’s house, so maybe tomorrow.

I head back to the hotel, this time passing through the giant subway near the main train station. Inside it’s hectic and filled with the worrying sound of sparking electricity. By the time I make it back to Colaba region I’m exhausted, and stop at one of the busy bars for a beer. Only the AC back room is available, which was not really the vibe I was after,so I quickly finished my drink.

Tomorrow I have a day to spare. I hope to take in Elephanta Island, the museum, and might return to Chowpatty beach and try Gandhi’s house again. My train is at 23:00.

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