Jaipur Airport and onto Mumbai, India

2 weeks of very early starts means I naturally wake early, which I rather like. I opt for a hearty breakfast, as I might not see lunch today, due to my flight. I order a taxi and spend an hour online.

I check out of the hotel and am pleased to not only find that the taxi price is fixed and included on my hotel bill, but the waiting taxi is an Ambassador, the classic British car still widely used as taxis in India.

It’s a pleasant ride to the airport. The traffic is much quieter that in other cities in India.

The airport is small, and I’m a little early so I have to wait. Once through security, having exchanged nice smiles with the beautiful women staff, and forgetting my sleeping bag at security, I settle with a cup of tea.

I notice I am the only westerner here. There are a few Asian people, and Indians speaking English, suggesting they are from the south of India.

Compared to Delhi airport, Jaipor airport has more services, is better run and is just generally better.

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