Dinner and conversion in Mumbai (Bombay), India

I head out for a drink, but the busy bars I saw earlier are even busier. The resturant where I stopped earlier has families, seated, waiting outside. This is a busy city. I am heading back to the hotel and decide to stop at the Iranian place I saw earlier. I’m not fealling very hungry, but have the house specialty kebab, which is good.

Whilst eating a German chap shares my table. At first he isn’t very chatty, but we soon get conversion started. He is German, is married to an Indian, is an art dealer, and lives and works between Goa and Germany.

He remarks that it is very warm for the time of year. He talks about Goa, and I ask many questions. He refers to Goa as a magical place several times, and I am so looking forward to spending some time there. It sounds exactly like the sort of place I am looking to spend some time. I sounds like a perfect place to spend a winter, although not this one as I have travel plans for Southeast Asia – but maybe next year, if I want to do a lot of writing.

He is interested in my trip from Nepal, especially about northern India, which he has not visited in his 15 years of living in India. We discuss the vast differences between the north and south.

It was great chatting to him – I never did get his name.

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