This Dragoman Overland trip is great

I am currently on a Dragoman Overland trip from Kathmandu to Delhi, and I am really enjoying it. The destinations and time within them has been perfect. The group and crew are great people, all getting along very well.

Zoe and Hugo, the crew, have been faultless. They are always thinking ahead, happy & helpful, unflappable and constantly solving problems.

I’ve loved sitting in the back of the truck and watching the world go by, even on the days when we are on the move for more than 14 hours.

If I went on this truck I would be traveling on the buses and trains, which would offer a different and equally rewarding experience. But, public transport involves many more hassles.

I do intend to travel by public transport in the south of India, and am looking forward to those experiences.

There were a few murmurings at the start of the Dragoman trip where bad pictures were painted of very bad roads in India. But, the roads have been OK. Certainly not good compared to western standards, but better than suggested.

This is Hugo’s first trip to India, and Zoe has not been here for many years. I think Zoe may just be a little out of date with the road conditions. I am sure she was just trying to prepare everyone for what to expect.

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