Walk to the World Peace Pagoda, Pokhara, Nepal

After a hearty breakfast I take a walk out towards the World Peace Pagoda.
The Pagoda is atop a big hill overlooking the town of Pokhara. There are three ways of approaching, but I opt for the more strenuous 2 hour trek.

The instructions in my guide book are a little vague, and there are no signs to help. Eventually I find the bridge over the river and onto the path around the paddy fields. After a little guidance from a local kid, who I reward with Rs5, I and an American couple head up the steep hill amongst the dense trees.

It’s a fairly hard climb and the shade of the trees is a blessing. Eventually, after several steep sections I come to a clearing at the top, and a short walk brings me to the Pagoda itself. The views are outrageous.

After a brief stop I make my way back down the path. I soon meet a girl from Norfolk, we chat all the way back to the main strip. She has spent several days trekking and it’s interesting to hear her thoughts and experience. We arrange to met up for something to eat with an Israeli friend of hers tonight.

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