Patan Durbur Square, Kathmandu Valley, Nepal

After breakfast I book a bus ticket to Polkhara. I opt for the comfortable tourist bus as it is an 8 hours trip.
I get some cash and sort out my washing at the hotel.
I jump in a taxi and head to Patan’s Durbur square. I’ve decided to leave visiting Bodhnath Stupa until I return to Kathmandu in a week or so. I read that accommodation there is good, and I think it will be nice to stay there instead of Kathmandu.
At Patan I’m surprised by the small size of Durbur Square. More modern buildings fill the gaps in between the temples. The core sights are very impressive. I wander around the streets and temples.
I stop at a rooftop cafe, but I’m amazed that it is empty. I notice all of the other cafes are also just about empty. Have the Maoist actions had that much of an effect on the the tourism in Nepal? The cafe has an amazing view of the Himalaya
and the Square
I stop inside the museum, which I’ve read is the best in the sub-continent. It’s a beautiful building which has been well restored. The Budda and other statues are well explained, and it’s a good stop. I take a final look around the square and grab a taxi. The taxi driver drives a hard financial bargain, but we settle on Rs200 (the price I paid to get there) when I decide to get out.
It’s rush hour and the traffic is bad. When we finally arrive at Thamel the driver tries for more money again, but I have none of it.
I stop at the New Orleans cafe for a beer.

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