Durbur Square, Kathmandu, Nepal

My body clock seems to have settled as I wake to a noisy Kathmandu.

I head down to the New Orleans cafe for coffee and a pancake.
I walk down towards Durbur Square, passing various temples and streets along the way. There are quite a few touts about this morning.
My compass proves very handy as orientation is difficult without road names. I spot the palaces through an alley and head over. I pay the entrance fee (Rs200) and head in.

The temples and palaces really are amazing. I have seen images of many of them before. I walk around taking photos before climbing one of the temples for a birds eye view, and to escape the touts. Freak street is nothing to see.
I continue walking and I’m curious about some of the off-limits areas. I see an entrance to the museum. It costs Rs100, but bags and cameras must be left with the guards. I pay and enter. I soon realise that the whole inner courtyard area is out of bounds to everyone and I have entry to only the museum, which is a collection of artefacts from mainly on king. It’s interesting nevertheless.

I leave, taking a final look around the square and head back to the New Orleans cafe for lunch and send some emails.

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