Tossa de Mar, Catalunya, Spain

I leave the hostel and catch the metro to the northern bus station. I wait 30 minutes for a bus to Tossa de Mar. It costs €8 and takes 1:15 hours. The bus goes through Lloret de Mar which is very touristy.

Tossa is busy with tourists but the bus stops right next to the Tourist Information office and I get a useful map of Pensions in the area. I find a room at the Pension More within 30 minutes. €13 for a night, and I pay for 2 nights. The landlady doesn’t speak English but her husband does and we chat briefly about the Tour de France which he is watching on his TV.

I have come to Tossa as the beach and coves are very nice and there is an ancient monastery here, which is very much intact. There are lots of tourist bars here which I avoid. I have a beer at the bar on the beach. I take a swim in the sea which is very warm. I take a walk around the old village. I buy some picnic things and go to the smaller beach around the bay. I sit in the sun and enjoy the food and beer.
It is strange not having any company after meeting so many people in Barcelona. Without youth hostels or a common area in the hotel it is difficult meeting fellow travellers. I search out a bar which is inviting. I don’t find one and instead watch the local volley ball tournament on the beach, which proves to be very exciting.

Most of the bars have not got going yet. I intend to get up early though and he off to bed.

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