Manila, Phillipines

We arrive at Manila airport after a long 16 flight. Fly ing is an odd experience, but I don’t dislike it. We get through customs, I am intrigued by all of the different types of people. As the doors open to the outside world the heats me, as I stand in my jeans and jacket. Welcome to somewhere other and England.
We wait 2 hours for the bus, which then projects us through Manila at breakneck speed until we arrive at out hotel.
The hotel window opens onto a view of a similar hotel wall about 3 feet away. It’s best to keep the curtain drawn. We eat at the hotel restaurant.
Everything is very cheap, even in this inflated area. The
At late evening it is still 28 degrees Celsius. We venture onto the streets, with the constant bustle of street life. People selling food, guitars, just about anything. We buy some snacks from a 7 Eleven store, which I notice has an armed security guard.

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