I sleep well on the charging train. We’ve covered a lot of ground, the train always running at a fast pace. My cabin mates all sleep in, which means I have to stay in bed, which is fine. They all work within their family business, manufacturing paper tube products, like those found in toilet rolls. They work everyday, and long hours I suspect. This is the first day of their holiday, and If I were them I would stay in bed until noon.

It’s cold in the cabin, the AC is very effective. I wander outside the cabin and find the side doors open. This allows the warm air to rush in. I hang my head out of the door, whilst maintaining a firm grip. It’s a great sensation and a must do experience in India.

I spend at least an hour in the doorway, taking pictures, and watching the beautiful tropical landscape of palm trees, rice paddies and small farms roll by. The train occasionally stops at small stations. At one friendly station friendly faces meet me from another train.

I have chai and samoasa for breakfast 🙂

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