If you are planning on spending more than a few weeks in Thailand, renting a house can save you money.

Houses tend to be bigger and better equipped than hotel rooms, and are generally amongst Thai communities, which gets you closer to the Thai people.


A small, 1 bedroom house in a tourist area such as Phuket or Ko Samui will cost from around THB7,000 per month. The house is likely to be furnished, with at least a bed, some furniture, cable TV and a sofa or some Thai wooden seating.

Kichen facilities are rarely more than plates, bowls and spoons.

Cheap properties right next to the beach generally cost THB10,000.

2 bedroom properties start from around THB10,000.

Spending just a little more can get you quite a lot more.

For THB15,000 to THB20,000 you can find a very well furnished and equipped apartment or villa in any area of Thailand. You can expect AirCon, WiFi and cooking facilities.

If you stay away from tourist areas you can pay as little as TBH4,000 per month.

Other Costs

Most properties will have electricty and water meters. The meter will be read at the end of the month, or your stay, and you will be sent the bill.

A typical house, with AirCon running overnight in 1 bedroom, fridge and TV during the day will cost THB1,500 per month for electricity, and another THB500 per month for water.

You can pay the bills at any 7 Eleven store.

Tip: Always read the meter with the landlord, so there is no confusion over the amount to pay.

How To Find A House

Houses are normally very easy to find. The best option is simply to walk/drive around and look for the ‘House For Rent’ signs. Best places to find a house
‘House For Rent’ signs on the property
Supermarket notice boards
Newspaper classifieds
Ask around. Just about any Thai person will know someone renting a house

How It Works

Renting a house in Thailand is generally very simple compared to most countries

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  1. thanks
    Thank you for the information. Would you recommend this option of renting a house for a family. We will be spending a month in Thailand shortly with our 2 young children. is it relatively safe to do this?


  2. Yes I would recommend for a
    Yes I would recommend for a family.
    I have seen many families renting houses. If you choose a good safe area you will be fine. Thai people are very family orientated, and love children.


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