We check out and get a lift to the train station. We are catching the 22:44 train to Nha Trang today. It is an 11 hour journey, so we have opted for the train, something we have been keen to do in Vietnam. We booked the tickets a few days ago, and seats were already all taken, so we took the soft sleeper option.

After showing staff our ticket we sit and wait in the waiting room. There are a lot of people in the room, and its hot. We get quite a few stares from the local people. We have to wait in the room until the train is approaching, when a staff member opens the door and we are allowed onto the platform. The train arrives fashionably late, and we jump on. Our cabin is empty and an attendant gives us clean sheets. We settle in and are quite excited to be on the train today.

The train ride up to Danang is amazing. The views down to the deserted bays are amazing. We hope the beaches at Nha Trang are as nice. We haven’t been in the sea for nearly 6 weeks, and we miss it, especially in this very hot weather.

At Danang we get a new cabin mate. We get chatting and he is a nice lad, from Danang, who now studies IT in Saigon, where he is heading now after the holidays at home. I talk to him for a while about IT and the technologies he is studying. He is keen to hear about western wages. But I also tell him how much a house costs.

We get some ordinary food from the strange restaurant car. Later in the trip a girl takes the last of our cabin spaces. After her family tuck her in, she keeps herself to herself.

At Nha Trang we get off and are met by a friendly hotel tout. His sales pitch is good, and a taxi ride later we are at one of the nicest hotels we have stayed at.

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  1. Hue to Nha Trang by Train
    Hi Daren,

    I happen to be in Hue this coming septemper 2010 for a few days and then travel to Nha Trang. I wonder if I can buy ticket online? if so, can you give me the website?


    best regards,



  2. I don’t think you can buy
    I don’t think you can buy tickets online.
    Check Seat61 for comprehensive details.



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