After moving rooms in the morning, to a nicer room, courtesy of the management, we head to Le Grand Cafe again.

Le Grand Cafe is a lovely building with superb service. It’s surprisingly good value, and we love having breakfast there.

We see the street performer guy from yesterday. His act seems to have got better overnight. We his pulling a big crowd, including locals, who also give him money. We see him later in the day, where is act seems ever more polished.

We take a walk around the south of the village, over a few bridges and around some of the dusty back streets, where few travellers seem to make it.

We ask at a few guesthouses, some of which are very nice, but very quiet, and too expensive for us. We also find some guesthouses that charge $15 per night, but only $150 per month. An incredible saving for those wanting to stay a long time.

After dinner at the great Khmer Kitchen again we head over to the night market, which is great. We buy some great local made handicrafts as gifts and enjoy walking around the market. We save the rest of the market for another night.

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