I just finished drinking a cup of coffee, which I realised is something I miss from home. So this got me thinking about what I do and don’t miss from home.

  • I miss my girlfriend, but I’m meeting her in 2 weeks, and then we travel for 5 months together 🙂
  • I miss checking my emails in the morning over a coffee. I check my emails here every few days, but it’s not the same.
  • I miss sleeping in my own bed, but I love waking up in a tropical beach hut, or with in a new city, town or temple to explore.
  • I love reading when traveling, but I don’t miss television.
  • I miss having my own transport, but I love watching foreign landscapes whizzing by on an Indian train.
  • I miss surfing, but I love swimming in warm tropical waters.
  • I love the cheap cost of living, but I miss the convenience of fixed prices (I don’t like having to haggle).
  • I miss my big music collection, but I love hearing forgotten albums on my MP3 player.
  • I don’t miss English winters, but I do miss a warm comfortable bed on surprisingly chilly tropical nights.
  • I do miss catching up with my friends and family, but it makes it more exciting when I get home.

I love traveling…..

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  1. Stuff
    Awwwww you just made me cry Da…. Love the website, will look at this weekly now i know its here. Loved the section on what Im missing.

    Hope its amazing babe and that you’re loving your lady xx


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