I stop by the museum I missed yesterday, but decide not to go in after all. I am being drawn to Gandi’s house whilst in Mumbai, called Mani Bhavan. I jump in a taxi and head over.

Information: Mani Bhavan stands out from the crowd, clearly preserved as it was in Gandis day. It is a free museum where donations are welcomed. Inside are various treasures from Gandis life, including a great photographic history, articles from India’s struggle for independence and letters to Hitler and Franklin D Roosevelt.

A school group is leaving just as I arrive. I take my time wandering around this beautiful building. The items on display are well chosen and presented.

Gandi was a man who did not want personal possessions and only ever amassed a handful. In his room upstairs, behind glass walls is a reconstruction of how it would of been. Very simple, with his spinning tools taking the majority of the room. Gandi loved to spin cotton to allow him to think.

I was able to learn a lot from this visit, in particular about Gandi’s spirit.

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