We loved visiting Cambodia last year, and are looking forward to visiting it again.

We get up at 4am for a taxi ride to the airport for our 7am departure. The taxi driver is late and does the usual Malaysian thing of making out it us our fault, by insisting My Cam has not answered his phone. We ignore this and enjoy the traffic free ride to the airport.

We don’t have lots of time at the airport, so check in (where our bags are overweight) and head through to departures. We grab a snack there and get on the plane. We must trim our bags down a bit.

I sleep all of the flight and enjoy waking up as we land at Siem Reap. The airport there is lovely, and it feels great to be in the chilled land of Cambodia again. The tuk-tu ride to the guesthouse is very relaxed. The staff and room are great.

We take a walk around the town, stopping for iced coffee and a little shopping in the old market.

Whenever we arrive somewhere it takes a little time to find the base price for things, i.e. how much things really cost. We find the little supermarket we used before, and buy our basic goods, and realise the street prices are quite high.

After a heavy storm in the evening we head out for a snack and have an early night, as we are both shattered from the early start this monring.

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