He arrive in Kuala Lumpur.

After 2 months in Bali we are pleased by the cleanliness and efficiency of the city, but the pace is frantic and it takes a moment to adjust.

We grab cash and drinks and take the efficient bus to KL Sentral. Then take the monorail to the Tune hotel.

We are in KL for a few days. We are hoping to visit the Petronas Towers, which has eluded us so far, and to get some shopping.

In 1 week will be home in Cornwall, back in the house that I left 9 months ago. We are ready to go home. I am ready to go home. It will be cold and expensive, but it will be civilised, and organised, and cheap if I want it (actually cheaper than here if you’re clever), and ultimately it will be home.

I intend to make the most of being home. Going to the gym, makeing nice food, seeing my family and friends, working hard, enjoying quality items at cheap prices.

I love travelling in Asia. I love the cheapness and the variety of life. But it wares me down. I had thought about trying to live here for a time. But now I am worn out my Asia.

Maybe if I went back to live in the house in Thailand I would love it all again.


But for now I am going home, and I will enjoy it.

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  1. Even though KL quite a busy
    Even though KL quite a busy place, but most their shopping are cheap and worth buying. Have you tried the Suria Mall and Masjid India along the market?


  2. Kanyakumari Hotels August 21, 2010 at 12:29 pm


    Kuala Lumpur is a very beautiful place


  3. Hi!!!!
    Great effort buddy.You have managed to portray Kuala Lumpur beautifully.Your content is very rich. Keep it up.


  4. Clean, really?
    When I first visited Kuala Lumpur I was surprised by how dirty the place felt, I don’t mean this to reflect the Malysian people who are themselves very clean, but as you say its an incredibly busy city and the fumes and smoke from all the traffic quite shocked me.


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