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Whilst we might like taking long trips to far off locations, we can’t always to do that.  Whether we are earning the money to pay for the trip or catching up with family and friends at home, most of us love the idea of a short holiday somewhere close.

Travel has boomed in the last 20 years, and holidays are getting cheaper and cheaper.  There are more and more agents tying together affordable accommodation and the new waves of cheap flights.  This has left us holiday makers in a great position with more and more cheap holidays available.

Top 5 Cheap Holiday Destinations for Brits

  1. Greece – With over 6,000 islands Greece has somewhere for everyone.  Turquoise waters and hot summer temperatures make it a paradise for holidays.  There are still many quiet deserted beaches, as well as the clutch of pumping nightlife spots.
  2. Egypt – Only a stones throw from Europe, and yet a different world.  The beach resorts offer the sand and sun, and of course the ancient monuments offer the culture.
  3. Cyprus – Island life is great on this sunny and sandy paradise.  With more and more holiday locations popping up, Cyprus is getting more and more popular.
  4. Spain – The original cheap holiday destination, and still going strong.  Mainland Spain offers many great locations, but it’s the islands that draw the most visitors.  Ibiza, Tenerife, Lanzarote and Menorca.  Sunshine, beaches, food and drink, the perfect holiday recipe.
  5. Turkey – The new cheap holiday kid on the block. With more and more emerging resorts Turkey is set to get more and more popular.  Great seaside locations offering great value outside of the EU.

Tips for Finding Cheap Holidays

  1. Book outside of the summer holidays.  Peak times meen peak prices.
  2. Book last minute.  If you take a chance and book within the week before you intend to go, and are flexible about where you go, you can find some real bargains.
  3. Use a comparison site like  The compare holidays from lots of different providers, finding the cheapest options for you.
  4. Try different airports.  Flights from smaller airports such as Bournemouth or Manchester can often be cheap.

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  1. nice picture
    nice picture


  2. I go for Greece
    Base on your list, I would love to go to Greece and visit Santorini first as soon as I get there. With Spain, No doubt why it is the most visited country in Europe, everything that a traveler wants is there.


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