We pack our things and have breakfast whilst waiting for the mini-bus to Pai. We are sad to leave The Britannia guesthouse. We get in the mini-bus, collect other people around Chiang Mai and head off towards Pai.

At first the roads are smooth, but as we get close to Pai the roads turn steep and twisty. We stop for a break and chat to the Israeli people and Dutch girl we bumped into at Bangkok train station. We continue towards Pai and the roads get worse. Abs and I are both feeling a bit travel sick. One of the Israeli girls has to stop the bus to be sick.

We get to Pai and find the guesthouse we have booked is just around the corner. We walk there and settle into our nice Bungalow. We have a drink overlooking the river.

Pai is a nice town, but much more developed than I was expecting. I had envisaged something more traditional, like the places we stayed in Laos. Instead the town has lots of tourist facilities and even a 7-Eleven store. Oh well, the place is nice and tranquil.

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  1. From Chiang Mai to Pai
    We was rent a motorbike in Chiang Mai to travel to Pai in north Thailand. At Aya near the train station you can rent in Chiang Mai and can give it back in Pai. A nice experience with great views to the mountains of Mae Hong Son.


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