Today we are taking a boat ride up the Perfume River. We get up early and motorbikes wizz us to the boat jetty. We get on-board the big boat and soon enough we are cruising up the river.

Our first stop is at the big Pagoda. It’s an impressive building with stunning views over the river.

Back on the boat we cruise a little further and then take motorbike to a temple that was the residence of a former King.

Back on the boat we stop at another temple, but we don’t go in. The temples are expensive to visit, about $6 per temple. We sit on the steps and enjoy the views.

On the boat we eat lunch whilst cruising to the next temple site. We take a walk to the site, but just sit outside. We chat to a French girl who has come out. She says it was similar to the first temple site, and not such a great visit. We throw away the water we bought at the last stop, as we think it has been re-filled and potentially bad water, something that is not worth risking.

Back on the boat for the last stop. We take a motorbike across some rough terrain to a temple site high on the hill. I get a ride on a motorbike that looks like a relic from the war. It’s a fun ride though. This temple site is stunning. The stone figures are so life like. Inside the temple at the top of the stairs we are stunned. The decorations and fittings are amazing, as are the views. I notice a huge butterfly that has come to rest inside a massive glass lamp.

Back on the bike down to the boat, and a slow chug back to the boat jetty. It’s been a long day. I tend to not like arranged tours, as they heard us around like sheep. But, today has been good, and only at the end was I tiring a bit.

On the way back to the hotel we get some food, and a new bag for Abs as hers was falling apart.

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  1. Di choi Hanoi
    ‘Di choi’ is Vietnamese for ‘go play’ and this happens every evening and the traveller can also do if they know where to go. This trip take you on the ultimate di choi experience. West Lake at sunset, ‘Lau’ on Truc Bach lake, ‘Hoa Qua Dam’ on To Tich Street and strolling around Hoan Kiem Lake.

    The evening starts at 5.30pm when your guide picks you up from your hotel as the streets get busy from people returning home from work. Take a taxi to West Lake, Hanoi’s largest lake, popular with the locals who exercise, take a stoll on the lakeside to enjoy the sunset. Board a boat for a trip around the lake and enjoy the lights, sunset and observe the locals enjoying their free time.

    Upon disembarkation, walk to the adjoining Truc Bach lake and enjoy Vietnamese steamboat with all the other locals filled with prawns and local vegetables. After dinner stroll to Ho Chi Minh mausoleum, a pleasant walk past gardens, parks and the Presidential palace. At 9pm, the lowering of the Vietnamese flag occurs outside the vast square outside Ho Chi Minh’s resting place and is a favourite event for families to come.

    A cyclo will take you back in to the heart of Hanoi to Hoan Kiem lake where you can enjoy a Vietnamese dessert before taking a final stroll around lake to watch the motorbikes fly past and the lights of Huc bridge and the post office. The tour finishes at approximately 10.30pm after you are dropped off at your hotel.


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