Month: October 2011


Nomadic lifestyle makes life easy

I have moved 5 times this year

1. From house in Truro to house in Redruth – January 2011.
2. From house in Redruth into camper van – February 2011.
3. From camper van into house in Redruth – July 2011.
4. From house in Redruth into house in Blackwater – August 2011.
5. From house in Blackwater into house in Truro – October 2011.

And one more will happen. In November I will pack my belongings into my camper van and head south towards Europe.

Having a nomadic lifestyle, with no house of my own means I can go where I like when I like.

Of course there are big downsides. I have few places to store my things, and nowhere to really call my own.

But, whilst I have travel in my veins, the scarifies are worth it for the life of easy travel.


Cycled 20 miles today

Abs and I have been slowly cycling more and more miles. Most days we about 6 miles. Some days only 4, and some days as much as 12 miles.

Tonight we are staying at a lovely free aire (French camping spot) next to a lake. We decided to go for a little bike ride. We found ourselves close to 10 miles, and decided to go all of the way to 10 miles, and then back again to the van.

It wasn’t hard. We’ve become fit and strong. We see lots of French people cycling here, including many retired people. Their cycle paths are fantastic.


JFK vs Heathrow

No contents, hands down Heathrow is the winner.

I used to think that London Heathrow airport was a bit shabby. I was a bit embarrassed that the UK’s biggest airport was this way.

However, having just flown JFK to Heathrow, my option has changed.

JFK is slow, the staff are most unhelpful and plain awkward. USA the land of customer service? Maybe in a diner, but not at JFK.

The USA security staff take their jobs very seriously. OK, they should, but it’s frustrating when they don’t give you all of the information, then treat you like a terrorist for not following the rules they haven’t given you.

Also, USA immigration is OK. Canada is terrible. They just assume everyone is a horrible terrorist. But at Heathrow, we were through in minutes.

Good job UK 🙂