Month: August 2011


Going to New York and Toronto

I’ve been supporting the film Baraka for many years now. The follow up film Samsara will premiere in Toronto on 11th September 2011.

I will be attending the premiere, which I am thrilled about. Rather than just fly from the UK to Toronto I am combining the trip with a visit to New York city. The trip will be about 6 days in New York and 2 days in Toronto.

This will be my first visit to north America. I’m very excited.


Temporary homes

We’re back in Cornwall, my homeland. We’ve been staying with Abs’ sister and fiancĂ©. We’ve been helping them renovate their new house. In return with being living rent free.

This has allowed us to save money for our future travels. We’re not sure what those travels are yet. We’re still considering the options. Either another trip in the campervan to Europe, maybe a trip to Thailand, or even a winter in Cornwall to get some work done for future travels.

Staying with friends and relatives is a great way to save money for future travels. It’s an easy-in and easy-out option.