Don’t Overlook Package Holidays


Lots of independent travellers I have spoken to really don’t have much time for cheap last minute package holidays. But I really don’t agree and I’m going to tell you why.

A few years ago I felt like I really needed a hassle free two week all inclusive holiday. After a few hours research and about £500 later I had booked my first ‘package holiday’. It was a half board, two week holiday somewhere chilled and away from the crowds in Turkey. I felt apprehensive and a little unsure as i had totally handed over control of my holiday. Four days before I was due to leave, I had the terrible news that there had been a terrorist attack in the town where I was due to be staying. No one was killed, but the foreign office advised against travel to the area, this meant that I couldn’t go. I found myself in the situations of having to plan and book a very last minute holiday.

For £198 I booked a two week self catering apartment with a pool and ten minute walk to the beach, all flights and transfers where included. From that day forward I have been a strong supporter of cheap, last minute flights, rooms and package holidays.

If my story hasn’t turned you on, even slightly, to the last minute holiday, here are reasons why last minute holidays can be a fantastic option;

  1. Its an amazing buzz leaving your holiday to the last few weeks, days or even hours to plan and book. Be gutsy to get the best deals but also be prepared of the possibility you may miss out.
  2. It can be very refreshing to have everything from flights and transport to your bed and break fast planned for you. You will literally be guided from door to door completely hassle free!!
  3. You can sit back and relax. When i’m traveling I tend to move around a lot, meaning that I’m constantly packing and unpacking and moving from place to place. With a package holiday car hire can be easily arranged meaning is easy to explore and come back to your base. It makes a surprisingly lovely change to be in one place for more that a few nights.
  4. Package holiday are a great place to meet people. For many people their package holiday is the only holiday they will have that year so they go all out to have as much fun as they can, making it a a great environment for friend making! You get a great cross section of all sorts of different people from young families to older couples. I have make some great life friends on two week holidays!
  5. Cost, even though I have become great at low cost traveling, I can’t beat the value of a last minute package holiday. With some holiday days as cheap as £150 for bed and breakfast it would be hard to imagine how you could doi it yourself cheaper.

So, even if your a complete holiday control freak, please do consider the last minute package holiday. Here are my top five destinations for the cheap last minute holiday;

  1. Crete, or come to mention it, any island in Greece. Its hard to beat the weather and the gorgeous Mediterranean sea. Plus, I would go to Greece for the olives alone!
  2. Spain. Yes, there are lots of very touristy bits to Spain but you can soon get away from that. There is so much culture in Spain and so many things to explore. I also believe that everyone has to visit Ibiza once in their lives!
  3. Portugal. Not the obvious package holiday choice but an great one. Portugal has some spectacular beaches and coastal scenery and things are still reasonably cheap.
  4. Bulgaria. Up and coming as a holiday destination, Bulgaria is still slightly rough around the edges but that adds to the charm. Amazing scenery and amazing people.
  5. Turkey, it has everything from beautiful beaches to culture rich cities. Holidays to Turkey can be really cheap and you can do a lot of exploring.

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3 thoughts on “Don’t Overlook Package Holidays”

  1. sam @ goa carnival

    Nice and good info for save
    Nice and good info for save money and fulfill our vacations with lots of enjoyment.

  2. It’s nice if you will check
    It’s nice if you will check reviews first on the hotel/attraction included in the package or the package as well. Write your do’s and dont’s then decide.

  3. It’s nice if you will check
    It’s nice if you will check reviews first on the hotel/attraction included in the package or the package as well. Write your do’s and dont’s then decide.

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