Month: December 2009


The Importance of Being at Home

I’ve been home for about 2 months now, sorry for the lack of updates. My intentions for this blog have wandered many times, and my focus has been lost.

Since I have been back the normal family and friends things have happened, but also something important has happened.

A family member has become unwell. This family member has also just had serious surgery and requires care and help from the family.

I am so glad I am home to help. I am close to this family member, and it has become an important part of my everyday to see them and help them.

Their decline in help was not foreseen, and was not any of the reasons I returned home.

But being back home has become vital for now.

Travel plans continue to swirl in my head, but they do not even reach the draft stage. They are just ideas.


Back Home in Cornwall, England

Well, after another great trip away, 9 month this time, I’m back home.

I am really enjoying being back, despite coming home just as Winter is setting in. I don’t like cold weather, and Winter in the UK is a challenge for me. Let’s see how it goes.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

He arrive in Kuala Lumpur.

After 2 months in Bali we are pleased by the cleanliness and efficiency of the city, but the pace is frantic and it takes a moment to adjust.

We grab cash and drinks and take the efficient bus to KL Sentral. Then take the monorail to the Tune hotel.

We are in KL for a few days. We are hoping to visit the Petronas Towers, which has eluded us so far, and to get some shopping.

In 1 week will be home in Cornwall, back in the house that I left 9 months ago. We are ready to go home. I am ready to go home. It will be cold and expensive, but it will be civilised, and organised, and cheap if I want it (actually cheaper than here if you’re clever), and ultimately it will be home.

I intend to make the most of being home. Going to the gym, makeing nice food, seeing my family and friends, working hard, enjoying quality items at cheap prices.

I love travelling in Asia. I love the cheapness and the variety of life. But it wares me down. I had thought about trying to live here for a time. But now I am worn out my Asia.

Maybe if I went back to live in the house in Thailand I would love it all again.


But for now I am going home, and I will enjoy it.


Goodbye Bali

Last night we had goodbyes with our friend Cam. It feels more sad this morning. He is a good friend, has been the source of many good times recently, and we will miss him. I think he will also miss us.

We pack and say goodbye to Hotel Sorga, and to Bali.

I wanted more or something different from my stay in Bali. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but nevertheless, I have had a great time here, but it is time to move on.

We take a taxi to the Airport and check in.